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Cannabis Clones From Seed and Clone

Discover the Best: World-Renowned Breeders in Our Clone Library

At Seed and Clone, we are proud to offer an extensive cannabis clone library featuring strains from some of the most esteemed breeders in the cannabis industry. We have carefully curated our collection to include genetics from renowned breeders like Jungle Boys, In-House Genetics, Ethos Genetics, Barneys Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, Green House Seed Company, Humboldt, and many more. With our clone library, you can access the pinnacle of cannabis genetics and embark on a cultivation journey like no other. 

Jungle Boys

Discover the legendary genetics of Jungle Boys, a breeder celebrated for their exceptional strains and commitment to excellence. With a focus on elite cultivars, Jungle Boys’ genetics are known for their potency, flavours, and stunning resin production. Explore their sought-after strains and experience the magic of Jungle Boys’ creations. Cannabis clones are cut and rooted before delivery

In-House Genetics

Unleash the power of In-House Genetics, a breeder renowned for their innovation and outstanding genetics. With an extensive lineup of unique and potent strains, In-House Genetics pushes the boundaries of cannabis cultivation. Their genetics consistently deliver exceptional yields, flavours, and captivating effects.Cannabis clones are cut and rooted before delivery

Ethos Genetics

Experience the expertise of Ethos Genetics, a breeder dedicated to producing exceptional cannabis strains through meticulous selection and breeding techniques. Ethos Genetics offers a diverse range of genetics, each characterised by their remarkable quality, potency, and unique terpene profiles. Discover their extraordinary strains and elevate your cultivation game.Cannabis clones are cut and rooted before delivery


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Barneys Farm

Enter the world of Barneys Farm, a breeder with a rich history and a legacy of award-winning strains. With a focus on quality and innovation, Barneys Farm has cultivated a remarkable collection of genetics that have gained worldwide recognition. From classic favourites to cutting-edge creations, Barneys Farm offers something for every cannabis enthusiast. Cannabis clones are cut and rooted before delivery

Royal Queen Seeds

Indulge in the royal treatment with Royal Queen Seeds, a breeder known for their commitment to excellence and consistent genetics. With a diverse catalogue of premium strains, Royal Queen Seeds delivers exceptional quality, flavours, and potent effects. Explore their regal genetics and elevate your cultivation experience.Cannabis clones are cut and rooted before delivery

Greenhouse Seed Company

Discover the Greenhouse Seed Company, a breeder with a passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship. With a legacy of success and innovation, Greenhouse Seed Company offers a wide range of genetics that consistently deliver outstanding results. Their strains are characterised by their potency, flavours, and impressive resin production. Cannabis clones are cut and rooted before delivery

Humboldt Seed Company

Experience the essence of Humboldt County with Humboldt Seed Company Genetics, a breeder deeply rooted in the legendary region. Humboldt Seed Company showcases the unique terroir of the area, resulting in exceptional strains with robust growth characteristics, captivating flavours, and potent effects. Embrace the spirit of Humboldt and cultivate extraordinary genetics. Cannabis clones are cut and rooted before delivery

Our clone library goes beyond these renowned breeders, offering a wide range of genetics from other respected names in the industry. Each breeder brings their own expertise, passion, and unique genetics to our collection, ensuring that you have access to the best the industry has to offer.

Explore our clone library and unlock the extraordinary genetics from world-renowned breeders. From Jungle Boys and In-House Genetics to Ethos Genetics, Barneys Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, Green House Seed Company, Humboldt, and more, our collection represents the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation. Start your cultivation journey with premium clones from Seed and Clone, and experience the remarkable quality, flavours, and effects that these esteemed breeders have to offer.